Competent Personal Injury Attorney or Lawyer

Many people hesitate to hire an accident lawyer after getting injured, sometimes very severely in an accident; one may ask why? The answer is that most people are afraid of our Intimidating and Expensive Justice System coupled with huge lawyers fees.

Regardless of this general theory, you should know that technically, you do not need a Lawyer to file a personal injury claim against an insurance company. You have the right to “Pro Se” or Self-Representation. Frankly, pro se representation is probably wise, when the injury is minor and damages are clearly ascertainable.You can find out moreĀ good personal injury solicitors near me.

However, if you are severely injured or you do not know the extent of your injuries, a Competent and Experienced Personal Injury Attorney can help you in all fronts. Here is how:

First of all, a Competent and Experienced Lawyer already knows the laws and procedures, which regulate the litigation process. He or she also knows the tactics that the Insurance Companies use to pay you as little as possible.

Secondly, the insurance companies have dealt with thousands of cases like yours. Thus, they have developed a vast array of methods to use in order to defend, delay or deny your case. In most cases, they have fixed settlement offers that they throw at unrepresented people.

In other words, the Insurance Industry has turned their customers to commodities. They deal with your injuries like a sack of potatoes with a price tag on it: an arbitrary dollar amount on your broken bones or severed fingers, regardless of your pain and suffering.

An Experienced Attorney will take a cohesive look into the severity of your personal injuries and ask many questions such as:

How long would it take for you to heal?

What is the cost of your healing process in addition to the pain and suffering? These costs must be carefully accounted for, from the time of the accident and include present and future costs of medical bills, doctors, therapists, etc.

Do your injuries affect your ability to earn, learn and enjoy a normal Life?

Do you have the capability to enjoy your life with your spouse, friends, children, parents, in the same ways you did prior to your injuries?

In other words, Tort Law mandates that the negligent party must make you whole again, or pay for it if he, she or it can’t.

This is why you make a contract with an insurance company and pay them a premium. In exchange for your payment and in accord with the terms of your contract, they are supposed to pay you back, when the need arises. However, insurance companies are big conglomerates interested to make more profit. Giving you money is contra to the very purpose they are created for: Making More Profits!

Attorney Fee:

It is clear that Good Lawyers are not cheap. The costs of litigation itself could be thousands of dollars. Fortunately, Personal Injury Lawyers are allowed by Law to make Contingency Fee arrangements with their clients. This means that they take a deep look into your case and if based on their experience, they feel you have a viable case, they will negotiate and sign a Contigency Arrangement Fee You. This means, they will only get paid if You Win Your Case!